Whether you have been a member of referral groups for years or are just getting started, you need to commit to the best practices of successful networking and invest your time wisely.  E-Ferrals helps you use technology to leverage your resources, stick to what works, and maxmize your results.

The ORIGINAL Digital Referral Network

"Not Just Referrals...E-FERRALS!"


E-Ferrals was founded on principles of best practices for networking as described and followed by the world's largest referral networks and experts like Bob Burg, author of the seminal book, Endless Referrals.

One of the key elements of Bob Burg's referral philosophy is "KNOW > LIKE > TRUST." Referrals will only come from those who know, like and trust you. This is also the central concept of digital thought leadership, which is the best way to present your business on social media and the web and the only way to find true success online.

E-Ferrals will help people KNOW you by establishing and strengthening your portion of our shared network by leveraging digital technology to extend your reach in web searches and social media engagement.

E-Ferrals will help people LIKE you by helping you to cultivate your digital presence by producing, sharing and tweaking content that engages, encourages and empowers your fellow members and people inside their spheres of influence.  

E-Ferrals will help people TRUST you by enhancing your efforts to manage your online reputation by generating and cultivating reviews of your products and services from within the E-Ferrals network and beyond to our members' constantly expanding spheres of influence.


The System

Being a member of E-Ferrals is simple.  Our system consists of 2 categories of networking activities: Digital Engagements & Online Meetings.


Online Meetings

Digital Engagements

The only obligation each E-Ferrals member has to meet to remain in good standing is to engage in at least one of the six kinds of digital activities below with the network or one other member online each week and submit acceptable documentation of that engagement. 

Terms of membership are subject to change, interpretation, and enforcement at the sole discretion of E-Ferrals sponsor and technology partner Webmark Studios.


    Post, like or share something on social media that advances another members’ efforts to get new prospects to KNOW > LIKE > TRUST them.


    Submit a positive review of another member on Google or other search engine or directory website such as Yelp, Foursquare, Bing Places, etc.


    Establish a link to another members’ website or other digital property and confirm that they have placed a similar link to your website.


    Schedule, attend and participate in an in-person meeting with another member, in a productive and professional manner, to learn how to best share referrals to one another.


    Give a referral that is verified by the recipient as meeting the guidelines and the rules of their profession as explained to the referring member during an in-person 1-on-1 meeting.


    Purchase of the “Free Lunch” Door Prize, a gift certificate to Paneras, Barnes & Noble, Starbucks or other establishment conducive to networking meetings equal to the cost of lunch at that location ($15 minimum).


Online Meetings

E-Ferrals meetings are regular 1-hour meetings via the Zoom video conferencing app. 


During each online meeting, the group gets to know one featured E-Ferrals member as we go on a tour through their web and social presence.


As many members as possible (first come, first served) will be allowed to give their 30-60 second Un-Commercial, which will contain one of the following features:

  • A "shout-out" to compliment another member on their product / service / professionalism or their generosity in giving referrals

  • A brief answer to the question, “How can we tell if someone we know is a good prospect for you?”

  • A request for a specific digital engagement from another member


Join in a question & answer session with that online meeting's Spotlight member and find out how you can share clients for mutual growth.


The member who sponsors the meeting by purchasing the door prize will have up to 5 minutes to promote the group or their business as they see fit and then award a free lunch to one lucky winner.

The prize will be in the form of an electronic gift card to popular networking locations such as Panera Bread, Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, or any other venue that is conducive to networking activities such as group meetings, 1-on-1 meetings or presentations.



1. Follow the instructions to get your phone or computer ready to interact with the group then click the link to our online meeting.

2. Take in our Website Spotlight, where the group gets to know one E-Ferrals member well as we go on a tour through their web and social presence.

3. Join in a Q & A with the meeting's Spotlight member and find out how you can share clients for mutual growth.

4. Be one of the members who choose to take a minute to give an E-Ferrals "Un-Commercial" to the rest of the group (or sit back and enjoy the presentations).

5. Participate in the drawing for the weekly "Free Lunch" Digital Door Prize.

6. Plan to schedule 1-on-1 meetings with members you think you can share quality referrals with.

That's it!  1 hour of powerful networking...

without the cost of traditional networking in time and money!

Our Philosophy

A Few Words from Our Founder



E-Ferrals Founder

As CEO of Webmark Studios, Jim puts his experience as a seasoned administrator, web developer, and sales/marketing manager to work for small businesses' digital marketing needs and for projects such as EFerrals.Network & FireSafetySchools.Com. A key factor in the success of companies including Dunn & Dunn Data Systems, Inc. and Bankers Alliance Insurance Group, Jim has also been involved with organizational development programs utilized by corporate clients and universities such as Cornell, Texas A&M and the University of Connecticut.




Click the "Let's Get Started" link to contact us about the E-Ferrals program by phone or text!  

Reserve your slot! Be one of the few elite businesses in your community to serve clients referred through the

E-Ferrals Network! 

To maximize the value for each member and the clients they refer, there are limited slots for each business type in every E-Ferrals chapter.

Your sphere of influence is widely recognized as your best source of customers or clients. It is much larger than you imagine, and although they are not all prospects for your product or service, it is a group of people that number in the hundreds when you calculate it using methods used by the experts in this field. 


When your sphere of influence is compounded with other business people of equally excellent caliber, that impact grows into a shared network of thousands. That means that as a business person, you will either embrace this tremendous opportunity and commit to it or walk away from a tremendous amount of new business. The reality is that not everyone in your sphere of influence will be prospects.  Reliance on your sphere of influence alone means that your prospects for sales from this rich source of referrals are severely limited.   


To commit to truly being part of an expanding network with you in the center, you must also commit to being part of others’ networks.  You must be an enthusiastic part of a community of professional business people who want to see each other to succeed and find new business.  Bob Burg has written that this means being each other’s PWAs: Personal Walking Ambassadors.  


Remember: trust requires excellence.  No one is able to hold onto business, even from their own sphere of influence, without it.  E-Ferrals members’ products and services must be equal in quality for others in the network to do business with them and refer business to them.  Negative referrals move faster than positive ones. These facts underline the importance of inviting and retaining only members with the highest standards of professionalism.  This is also why reputation management is now one of the most vital services available in the field of digital marketing.


The E-Ferrals system is designed to adhere closely to the best networking practices possible. Bad networking habits are extremely counterproductive for everyone in this new era where relationships are increasingly the difference between earning and losing business.  Most networkers fail to realize the tremendous benefits of participating in a referrals group because they give in to the temptation of hard-selling when their focus shifts away from following a system of best networking practices.  


There is a tried and true method of avoiding this pitfall.  It’s a successful system that requires being as committed to giving referrals as earning them. It involves asking business people in your network specific kinds of questions about their business to create an environment of cooperation and find out how you can help them grow their business with new clients.  This is what should be taking place at any networking meeting, and is also a great prelude to what is commonly known as a “1-on-1 meeting” where two business people can fully explore each others’ strengths in their field and the possibilities of working together as part of each other’s revenue generation team.


E-Ferrals is a technology network founded by people who believe that technology will never replace the need for face-to-face networking but can make it considerably more efficient.

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