Other Services

We provide a wide range of services to help propel your business online.

Web Development

From planning and design to site hosting and implementation, we are a full service web developer, but with a profound difference.  We are committed to finding the most affordable, feature-rich and user-friendly options available to produce sites using technology that enables you or your staff to maintain and update your site if you choose.

Site/Google Optimization

The explosion of digital marketing options has left many businesses and professionals overwhelmed. The most important step is optimizing your site for organic search results and your Google listing for mobile users. Our experience as users, purchasers and vendors in this space is one of the most valuable assets to our clients.

Content Creation

Our copy writing and graphics editing services have been utilized by a wide range of clients, from the highest levels of academia to start-up micro-businesses. Ebooks, web site copy, flyer/brochure text, technical writing, forms, resumes, legal correspondence, presentations…we can help with virtually any kind of business communication.

D.I.Y./Business Consultation

In addition to the support you need to build & maintain your own website, Webmark can provide assistance and leadership in a wide range of tasks, including reports, marketing campaigns, staff communications, recruiting, training, mailings, cost control and purchasing. We’re there for you, as much or as little as you need us.

Online Schools & Courses

Webmark has a proven track record of success in the development and management of online schools, including course creation, testing & maintaining Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) infrastructure using technology that has powered the distance learning programs of  universities across the nation.

IT Consulting/Sourcing

Technology needs and issues can be difficult and inordinately expensive to manage without the right knowledge and perspective.  Contact us and take advantage of over 20 years’ experience matching the most sound and efficient technology solutions available to the budgets of businesses in a variety of industries.

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