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COVID-19 Alert:  Webmark Studios has expanded the eligibility requirements for clients impacted by the pandemic.  More than ever, it is important to have a strong, updated online presence as consumers continue to rely more heavily on online sales and service.  Please discuss our special pricing with your Digital Engineer when contacting our offices.  

Pricing for Webmark's Digital Studio Services is designed to make sure you only pay for what you need, when you need it.  You pay for studio time through a Digital Service Account that you open with an initial payment and replenish as necessary.  Like a retainer, we track our studio time and advise you when the credit in your account has been applied. 


As part of our commitment to providing our clients with the best value possible, we track studio time in 1-minute increments.  You can use your credit to book studio time for up to 1 year from the date of your last payment into your account.

Webmark's Digital Studio Services

Recommended Uses (with Estimated Time)

  • Website Consultation & Plan (1-2 Hours)

  • New Site Template Selection/Editing (2-3 Hours)

  • Additional Site/Landing Page (1-2 Hours)

  • Google Local Listing Setup (1-2 Hours)

  • SEO - Optimization/Setup (1-2 Hours)

  • Domain Connection/Site Launch (1 Hour)

  • Blog Launch - up to 5 articles (1-2 Hours)

  • Email Setup - up to 10 addresses (1-2 hours)  

Recommended Studio Packages

Consultation/Site Setup/Maintenance

3-4 Hours of Studio Time

The Webmark philosophy is that "it all starts with a conversation."  Our basic studio package requires only the minimum payment to open a Digital Service account and includes our Website Consultation & Plan service, covering the time needed for initial site setup or addressing a wide range of existing maintenance needs on your WIX site. 

Estimated Price Range:

$400 or less

Special Pricing Available

from $250


Site Development & Launch

7-8 Hours of Studio Time

With this best-value package, most clients can get all the consultation, service and assistance they need to get a new site setup, customized with their content, enhanced with the additional site pages, tempate/design enhancements, and functionality they need and launched with their own custom domain name properly pointed to their WIX site.

Estimated Price Range:

$700 - $800

Special Pricing Available

from $425 -$500 

Marketing Infrastructure

9-12 Hours of Studio Time


In addition to establishing, repairing or enhancing their WIX website, this package enables clients to complete their due diligence in making their sites ready for advanced digital marketing services. The package adds Google Local Listing Setup and SEO - 
Optimization/Setup services to our Site Development & Launch package to help you broaden your online presence.

Estimated Price Range:

$900 - $1200

Special Pricing Available

from $550 - $750

Comprehensive Digital Service

14-16 Hours of Studio Time

Our full service package takes you through the entire journey from consultation to completion with attention to all 8 of the primary components that all clients need to include into their digital footprint: site development with content editing and design customization, SEO & marketing setup, site blog, Google listing, domain name and email setup.

Estimated Price Range:

$1400 - $1600

Special Pricing Available

from $875 - $1000   |     772-291-6622
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